Hospitality is our strong suit. Our first goal is to take care of all guests, making their stay a pleasant, relaxing and above all safe experience. For this reason, we would like to share with you all the initiatives undertaken to ensure a high degree of hygiene and safety throughout the Hotel.

In the first months of 2020 we provided accommodation to the medical staff of the Sant'Orsola-Malpighi Polyclinic during the most critical phases of the health emergency.

Our Hotel has remained open the whole time; this gave us the opportunity to help the community and, at the same time, we acquired the knowledge to ensure safety to all our guests and to give peace of mind to all the people who choose Aemilia Hotel.

What have we learned and what countermeasures have we adopted?





Did you know that air renewal is one of the main measures to combat the spread of Covid? Droplets that fall on the ground are indeed a route of transmission, but Sars-CoV-2 is mainly transmitted with aerosols - as in, the droplets that remain suspended in the air.

This technology guarantees the highest safety standards. Here some examples of our efficiency:

  • Bedrooms: complete air renewal every 36 minutes.
  • Restaurant: complete air renewal every 6 minutes.
  • Conference rooms: complete air renewal every 6 minutes.

A tool to measure air quality is available to all restaurant customers in a highly visible way: through a simple display, our guests can view the concentration of CO2 in the air in real time.

The lower the number, the safer the environment, as a tangible confirmation of the air renewal.

If the parameters are in line with the required standards, the message “Excellent” will appear.




Another key point is the distance: given our wide spaces, we can maintain the distancing required to ensure a safe environment. Furthermore, to prevent contagion, we have implemented as follows:

  • Limited access in the lobby, in the restaurant and in the common areas. Everyone who wants to access the Hotel gets scanned for temperature in the lobby; in case of any flu symptoms and/or body temperature above 37.5 degrees C (99.5 degrees F), the access is not allowed.

  • The Gurmé Restaurant inside the Hotel, with its 220sqm, is the perfect place for our guests to enjoy a meal in a large and bright space while maintaining the distancing required between the tables.

  • Alternatively, our guests will be able to choose the room service for breakfast and dinner, safely done by our staff.

  • Our Buffet Breakfast has been completely reorganized. We have suspended the self-service mode: the products on display are safely served by our staff. In addition, we have equipped the buffet with anti-droplets barriers, and the access routes have been organized to avoid crowds.



Another possible route of transmission is through the contact surfaces. At the restaurant, the solution we have adopted takes the name of “Virkon”: a liquid designed to sanitize the operating rooms that is sprayed on the main contact points of the buffet and on the tables after every meal.

Cleaning has always been one of our strength: even in the face of the ongoing health emergency, we can say that we are fully committed to this issue, that our standards are highest than ever and we are not willing to compromise.

Therefore, we provide as follows:

  • Daily cleaning and disinfection of common areas, corridors, lobby, reception desk, sofas, tables and all contact points (e.g., lift buttons).
  • At every checkout the bedrooms are being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected in order to ensure a hygienic, risk-free and therefore relaxed stay to our guests.
  • At the Gurmé Restaurant, each table is sanitised after every meal through the use of the "Virkon" product.
  • Hand sanitizing gel dispenser are available to guests in all common areas: lobby, lounges, corridors, restaurant, meeting rooms.



Information is one of the most important tools to limit the spread of the virus.

We train our staff constantly about the protocols that must be respected, so that they can handle the emergency to the best of their ability and can share their knowledge with our customers.

Lastly, the Receptionists are at your complete disposal 24/7 to provide any security related information and to illustrate the various procedures implemented by our Hotel to limit the spread of Covid-19.




Aemilia Hotel is equipped with a spacious and modern Congress Centre. Every year the most prestigious companies – both local and national – choose us for their meetings and their events.

That is the reason why we have put an extra effort in order to find the best solutions to guarantee and protect the health of our guests, without sacrificing the comfort that has always been one of the distinctive features of our meeting area.

Here are the key points:

  • The filtered ventilation system guarantees a complete air renewal every 6 minutes.
  • There is a dedicated self-service station, with essential healthcare devices for all participants.
  • Before entering the meeting room, every meeting participant has their temperature checked.
  • Meeting spaces and exhibition areas are organised with a limited access in order to keep a safe distance.
  • The participants will have at their disposal a cloakroom for their clothing and their personal items.
  • Every area of the meeting rooms and every contact point will be thoroughly disinfected every day.