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Exhibitions, events and conventions in Bologna – Palazzo Fiera

A lively, multicultural, cosy and open-minded town, Bologna is a strategic place for the exhibition sector, which has been developed and enhanced through the years by establishing Bologna Fiere. Every year, many events repeat and prove to be successful and, in certain sectors, they are to be considered events of global importance.

Among the many fairs in the calendar of the “Fiera di Bologna” (Bologna Fair District), you can identify the most significant ones which take place year in, year out by the operators of a sector and which visitors consider to be a must-attend appointment to learn the latest news and innovations.
A short list of the special events which are by now considered to be traditional is reported below, where we mention the most important exhibitions of the year in Bologna and the period when they generally take place.


ARTE FIERA (January)

Having had over 50,000 visitors of Arte Fiera last year, in 2015, may give you an idea of the importance of this event. Exhibitions, events and side events are numerous in this great meeting of art collection, which attracts galleries and artists from every part of the world every year.


It is the European Exhibition of Underwater Activities, where what is new in the sector is shown and where it is possible to create and increase contacts with companies which deal with the underwater sector, from material producers to specialised publishing houses. An appointment those who deal with this sector cannot miss.


It is the must-visit International Exhibition of Perfumes and Cosmetics. With over two thousand exhibitors which occupy almost two hundred thousand square metres and over 165,000 visitors, it is only open to professional operators. A fundamental event to know everything about new tools, fashions and materials in the beauty sector. If you are looking for a Hotel near Palazzo Fiera of Bologna, ask for a free quotations now. [link to the quotation page].


A reference event for children's books, the Children's Book Fair has been a gathering for publishers, agents and operators in this sector from every part of the world for over fifty years. As a matter of fact, the event is a fundamental appointment for all those who want to discover the latest trends in the sector of children's books.


An appointment that operators in the pharmaceutical sector cannot miss, an event which introduces the latest research and innovations in this sector.


The International Meeting of Products and Equipment for Companion Animals is an exhibition dedicated to our 4-legged friends.


An appointment dedicated to the engine sector and, undoubtedly, the most specific exhibition of automobile equipment and aftermarket in the world, which combines advanced technology with market news and opportunities in the sector in question.


An exhibition dedicated to machines, systems, equipment for processing metal plates. This event is an important appointment for all the companies which work in the sector of processing machines, proposing the most advanced technical solutions.


Exposanità is an appointment which all those who work in the health and health care sector cannot miss. The exhibition, characterised by a strong international tendency, is a meeting point for Italian and international companies, in order to establish business synergies.

SMAU (June)

The most important event in Italy for over 50 years, the reference point for the digital and ICT sectors for companies and professionals has a name: SMAU. A real innovation laboratory, SMAU shows all the opportunities due to new technologies, the digital world and the most promising start-up enterprises.

FARETE (September)

Organised by Unindustria (Union of Industries) of Bologna, it is an appointment for hundreds of companies which want to establish networks for their mutual business. A real professional workshop which involves over 10,000 visitors over two days.

SANA (September)

The International Meeting of Organic and Natural Products involves almost 1,000 exhibitors and over 30,000 visitors. It deals with organic and eco-friendly food from all perspectives.

CERSAIE (September-October)

An old International Meeting of Ceramic for architecture and bathroom fittings, every year it involves almost one thousand exhibitors and draws the interest of over 70,000 visitors who are interested in learning all the new proposals about ceramics and bathroom fittings.

SAIE (October)

An exhibition for operators of the building sector, from all perspectives.

EIMA (November)

Through the yearsthe International Meeting of Agricultural Machines has grown in importance, becoming a reference point for mechanical works worldwide, thanks to the involvement of mechanical companies coming from every continent. Technology, economy and agriculture intertwine in this Exhibition of agricultural machines.


The International Automobile Meeting attracts a constantly growing crowd of visitors - the latest edition was attended by over 800,000 people - who desire to learn the latest news about every aspect of the engine market: from super cars to prototypes, from leasing to fuels. Many consider the Motorshow an appointment you cannot miss. If you are looking for a Hotel near the Motorshow, ask for a quotation free of charge [link to the Quotation page].


MARCA (January)

An increasingly more successful event, which in the year 2015 became the second largest Exhibition in Europe in the distributor brand products (MDD). MarcabyBolognaFiere is an important appointment for professionals and leaders in this sector, who wish to deepen their knowledge of the most topical issues in organised modern distribution: during the event, all stakeholders are involved in relations, business, workshops and debates, in which small- and medium-size enterprises have a chance to increase their business by meeting representatives of the distribution systems.


The Pool & Spa Expo and International Congress involves the sectors of equipment, systems and services for fitness clubs and wellness clubs, sports centres, swimming pools and swimming areas. The presence of a large quantity of Italian and foreign companies makes it possible to offer an extraordinary range of products, exhibited for operators of this sector and for those who are interested in it.
A real swimming pool culture takes place through the deepening of the various topics of this sector, both scientific/regulatory and strategic/organisation. Moreover, some "open" events are envisaged, free of charge, with technical workshops and motivational/communication sessions for operators and visitors.
The event is enriched by the presence of ForumClub, International Congress and Expo for Fitness, Wellness & Aquatic Clubs.


The International Exhibition of Funerary and Cemetery Art is a biennial appointment which allows professionals and operators of the Italian and international funerary sector to meet.
It is a leading event in its field, due to the number of visitors and exhibition surface, involving funerary fittings, items and objects, cemetery equipment, funeral cars, crematory systems, marble and granite, pre-built cemetery structures, health products, urns and funerary containers and other similar sectors.


It is the three-year exhibition of pharmaceutical technology, the largest in Italy and one of the largest in Europe. The event is meant to make the sector more visible, creating an international exhibition of hi-tech made-in-Italy products and gathering in the same place all the issues of the pharmaceutical supply industry, like raw material and control machine supply, but also packaging and handling of products.


The international nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, “functional foods & drinks” and “health ingredients trade exhibition": this is the full definition of the exhibition dedicated to the nutraceutical, cosmeceutical sector and to ingredients for food and drinks in the healthcare sector.
Two events in one, which include workshops focusing on such topics as health, plant-derived raw materials for the cosmetic industry and for children's and adults' nutrition.
During the event, a special research and development area is set up, in order to encourage meetings and connections between the scientific world and enterprises: it is an important stage for university researchers and research centres.


The Exhibition of Health and Safety in Workplaces is dedicated to safety, health, workers' personal protection and education.
Three days full of events, meetings and news, which is not merely a simple exhibition of products and equipment for safety in the workplace, but also a chance to foster a mentality of safety in the workplace.
Professional and ethical interests converge in the sections dedicated to households, like safety systems and appliances.