What to eat in Bologna

What to eat in Bologna

Not only monuments, but also a food and wine tradition which has passed down through the generations, and which makes the capital of Emilia-Romagna a leader in the sector of made-in-Italy products. Mortadella, cheeses and local wines are only some of the typical products to enjoy in the various restaurants and taverns of the city centre.

Wine cellars, taverns, trattorias and restaurants enable you to appreciate the genuine recipes and flavours of the local area.

The top products are egg pasta, to be served with pork sauce, and stuffed tortelli made by experienced pasta makers, to be served in broth.

Other examples include crescentine (fried bread-like product) with salami or ham, baked lasagne with meat, tomato sauce and Béchamel sauce, Bologna cutlet with ham and cheese, and "petroniana" skewers, covered with bread crumbs and fried.

Among the desserts, you certainly have to taste the ciambella (doughnut) and the rice cake, also called "addobbi" ("decoration") cake, flavoured with almond liquor.


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